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Brand Nigeria


Citizen-Corporate-Government, CCG is a system of responsibility which focuses on individual responsibilities in socio-economy development of the society, before corporate organization and the government lastly.

It is a joint responsibility scenario, however, with more emphasis on the individual. The idea is to encourage individual to take personal responsibility in enhancing self and the society at large, while also getting corporate organisations as well as the government responsible.

While the government create enabling environment for growth and development, meaningful social development are actually from the citizen. Society gets better when the citizen begins to take responsibility for personal advancement and a better life for self and then for the society. This is supposed to be followed by the corporate organization. Our situation as a developing nation will be getting better as more individuals accept personal responsibility and make better life for self.


The current Nigeria socio-economy situation and the usual perception of the populace who left most things to government- looking up to the central for jobs, infrastructural development, healthcare, education, etc. are some of the motivation behind this concept.

The CCG concept was made popular at the Brand Nigeria Leadership Forum 2015, a think tank forum for individual, corporate organisations and governmental responsibility for a better socio-economic development.

Goto Leadership Forum